The Gold Backed Asset

In budgetary history, 2017 might just be noted as the time of the Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs. The year was hallmarked by many ICOs raising capital for utility tokens, a large portion of which gave “utilization rights” to an expansive scope of decentralized systems and items. In the meantime ICOs and token deals have demonstrated another class of endeavor contributing and another open door for new businesses to raise capital. Authenticity has gradually entered the blockchain business, as this publicity has chilled off. While many keep on conjecturing on the “executioner application of blockchain”, imagine a scenario in which the primary push to mass reception is certifiably not a decentralized application, however the tokenized portrayal of something that as of now exists in reality.

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What You Need to Know about Gold-backed Asset

There are certainly a lot of merits to adopting this approach, which would iron out some inefficiencies with the existing cryptocurrency offerings. Firstly, it addresses the problem of volatility – as it stands, the use of digital moneys as a means of exchange or store of value is difficult to rationalise, with daily price swings making this sort of application unwise. Secondly, it ‘anchors’ the value of these tokens – some would put forth the criticism that the crypto market cap is hugely overvalued, given that the vast majority of tokens and cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing. Tethering their value to real-world assets instead makes them redeemable for said asset, and could be a much safer instrument to hold in the long run.

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The Importance of Asset-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Since the making of Bitcoin in 2009, the thriving crypto space has been an unwavering hotbed of experimentation and advancement. Exceptionally compelling to numerous as of late has been the wonder of ‘stablecoins’ – that is, computerized cash where every unit is upheld by resources (on-chain or off-chain or a blend, with the most well known, at present, being USD). Along these lines, the estimation of the token issued is ‘pegged’ to the US dollar.


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