Financial organizations and big investors are changing their attitudes towards Bitcoin and altcoins. With worldwide media coverage that showcases interests of some coins reaching up to 100x since their inception, legacy and newcomer investors are putting their money where growth potential is high.

Which cryptocurrencies should you watch out for in 2019?


Vechain is a supply chain method to track logistics stock. It has efficiently applied blockchain technology in numerous markets like farming and markets like deluxe goods as well as liquor.

They basically strive to solve real-life issues by supplying solutions in different sectors:

Logistics: In this sector, VeChain applies the blockchain innovation to enhance the circulation of info from one division to one more by damaging silos yet maintaining the data privacy of every department.
Federal government: There are greater than 111 VeChain nodes deployed worldwide. The community governments take part in the VeChain blockchain network as nodes. The VeChain blockchain network supplies decentralization as well as resistance versus the information hacking that allows space for transparent information exchange.
This, without a doubt, boosts the effectiveness of the municipal federal governments.
The technologies used to track the logistics assign digital identifications to physical stocks that can be stored on the VeChain blockchain network:
In-House Temperature Controlled Tracking
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Proof Of Authority Consensus
Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)
Use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
The future potential of the VeChain cryptocurrency looks rather appealing as the coin is signing new collaborations every month or so. Several of its companions are PricewaterhouseCoopers, DNV GL, Renault Group, KUEHNE + NAGEL, D.I.G, China Unicom and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China.

Every single company with whom VeChain partnered with has countless clients that will certainly use the VeChain innovation embedded in their system. This enables the coin to fix real-life troubles and foster mass adoption.

VeChain without a doubt makes a large difference in the logistics business. However, given the type of turmoil that the entire cryptomarket is encountering where the complete market capitalization has fallen from $800 Billion to simply around $200 Billion, nobody can provide any type of type of assurance on the returns in your financial investment in the crypto possessions.
Stablecoins like Kinesis has a reward return system that incentivizes its investors for holding, transferring and additionally referring new customers. The financiers always remain on the advantage side even if the market breaks down for a brief duration.



In basic terms, IOTA is a cryptocurrency which is made for the Internet of Things. The cryptocurrency was created to root new instructions to IoT by establishing a standardization called, ‘Ledger of Everything’ which implies that the information exchange in between sensor-equipped tools would make it possible to populate IoT.

OUNCE has the perspective to make transactions simple. A standard usage situation of IOTA can be seen in IOTA-enabled vending devices. These devices can spit out items without involving the connected deal costs. A few other usage instances of IOTA are Reddit Chains and so on

Innovation Behind IOTA

Surprisingly, IOTA does not make use of the standard Blockchain modern technology for its style as well as development. Actually, a brand-new system called ‘Tangle Technology’ is being utilized for IOTA to operate on. The Tangle Technology deploys a mathematical principle called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) which settles both the scalability as well as purchase fees issues which we deal with in blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

In IOTA, for a deal to be legitimate, each node existing in DAG Tangle must approve the previous two transactions occurring at the various other node. And also including in a note, this process removes the opportunities of mining as well as makes the system totally decentralized.

Future Potential of IOTA

With the impressive outcome of IOTA in mind, there exists an appealing extent for it in the near future in numerous applications and systems. OUNCE would certainly be standing tall as well as different in the future globe full of cryptocurrencies susceptible to quantum computer systems.

When watched from a macro viewpoint, thus far IOTA looks to be fee-less, scalable as well as quick which makes it alongside ideal. Nevertheless, if you have IOTA, the chances of you liquidating it right into fiat currency by means of a ‘debit card’ and also acquiring something from a food store is fairly low.
In order to fill this void of really getting something from the street market and also coming to be the global currency, Kinesis has presented its Kinesis Debit Cards that allows the Kinesis token owners to trade their tokens versus FIAT money and also concurrently acquire products from a grocery store, something which IOTA stops working to supply.


SYMBOL is a South Korean based company that develops blockchain modern technology and goes along with the cryptocurrency called ‘ICX’. SYMBOL is a network structure which has been made to permit independent blockchains to connect with each other. It allows interconnected blockchain networks to participate in a decentralized system which assembles at a main factor.


ICX token is improved the Ethereum blockchain network. SYMBOL has established a loop-chain platform that attaches various blockchain communities with the ICON Republic which serves as the governing head for the Federation of other independent blockchain bodies.

All the neighborhoods are connected to Republic via C-Reps (Community Representatives) which after that connects to Nexus. C-Reps features as the websites to the communities to establish a connection with Nexus. And also by doing this the entire procedure is carried out.

Future Scope

It is thought that ICON has plans to offer platforms to economic, safety and security, insurance policy, healthcare, educational markets which can assist them to lug deals on a solitary network. Thus, ICON (ICX) can be seen having fun in the coming days.

It has been effective in signing a partnership offer with the tech-giant Samsung where it will be utilizing ICON’s very own Chain ID for a new Samsung project called ‘Samsung Pass’. Aside from Samsung, ICON has also authorized deals with PORTAL NETWORK & W Foundation.

It is remarkable that ICON is built on the Ethereum network and is an ERC20 token. The transaction speed greatly depends on the Ethereum network. Presently, Ethereum can perform 15 deals per secondly which is fairly low in regards to what ICON (ICX) is currently aiming for. To fill this space, we have Kinesis Bespoke Technology that provides a tremendous speed of 3000 purchases per second. This lightning rapid speed keeps the Kinesis token method ahead than ICX token.


The indigenous cryptocurrency of the Enjin Network, the Enjin Coin (commonly known as just ENJ) follows the ERC20 token standard as well as is used with a clever contract-based blockchain platform. Its regular customers consist of material designers, video game programmers, as well as other members of the video gaming community, who require to make use of digital symbols to take care of and trade online items in the gaming globe.

Technology behind Enjin

As an ERC20-compliant token, the ENJ works based on the rules an Ethereum contract has to apply. It is utilized on a dedicated system that is designed to sustain open-source software development sets (SDKs), applications, plug-ins, and also payment entrances. As for its individuals, they will be able to efficiently join creating, releasing, managing, as well as professional content and game-related items on the Enjin Network, without needing to handle the technological complexities.

Recap of Potential

The ENJ is anticipated to fix some efficiency problems in operation similar cryptocurrencies on the marketplace today, consisting of settlement scams where items are not really delivered, slow purchase processes, absence of possession of virtual products, absence of purchase standards, and centralization troubles.

According to its creators, the ENJ coin, which is based on a blockchain, will develop a distributed, trustworthy, and also safe structure where deals can be executed efficiently and also promptly with minimal deal charges. Its autonomous and decentralized system will certainly guarantee that all offers and deals will certainly be honored.

Final thought

Normally speaking, the Enjin Coin is excellent. It aids bring the benefits of blockchain to numerous people taking part in the digital products market. Its creators are striving to prevent scams in the video gaming globe.

It is still a relatively new project. It is still unpredictable. This means that you still have to take utmost care and also be smart when using it.


EOS is taken into consideration by lots of people that are joining the digital items market as one of the very best cryptocurrencies to use, supported by an effective framework for decentralized applications. Primarily, the EOS blockchain is utilized for the growth, execution, and also organizing of decentralized applications (dApps) that are traded essentially.

Technology behind EOS
The EOS system is composed of two vital elements, which are the EOS.IO and the EOS token. When it comes to the previous, it works like a computer’s operating system in handling and controlling the EOS blockchain, with the use of an architecture that enables horizontal and also upright dApps. As for the latter, it is held (rather than invested) by the customers to be able to come to be eligible of structure, running, and trading applications, along with making use of EOS network sources.

While EOS still does not have an official full kind, it sustains all core functionalities to enable individuals as well as companies to produce as well as trade blockchain-based applications.

It additionally works on an internet toolkit for interface growth, much like Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play Store.

Summary of Potential
While there are currently a lot of cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum comparable to it, the EOS system focuses on the critical and also bothersome points of the blockchain. Particularly, it tries to solve the troubles of scalability, speed, and also adaptability that commonly create deal processes to decrease, which is a common concern in blockchain-based systems.

According to its developers, EOS.IO can additionally deal with various other problems that feature the ever-increasing dimension of the dApps ecological community, such as limited schedule of resources, constrained networks, spamming, false transactions, and also limited computer power.

It is stated to be able to support hundreds of commercial-scale dApps without striking efficiency traffic jams by utilizing asynchronous interaction approaches and also parallel execution throughout its network.

Final thought
It is developed to attend to typical problems with basic blockchain-based networks. Like various other new cryptocurrency platforms on the virtual market today, it still has some weak factors to boost.


Nebulas (NAS) is a brand-new generation blockchain as well as is open for public cooperations for decentralized application (dApp) growth. Its flexibility as well as scalability are the two characteristics that might drive NAS to be among the leading cryptocurrencies, hence providing it adequate utilize to contend out there.

Technology behind Nebulas
Nebulas is the initial crypto running on a 3rd generation blockchain, therefore making it the dominant gamer of the brand-new platform. This makes Nebulas highly flexible and also scalable, also giving an excellent leverage in future-proofing their code. That can assist avoid difficult forking whenever some concerns come up throughout scaling procedures.

Recap of potential
Versatility, scalability as well as search-ability are three of the most significant possible NAS needs to use. With the 3rd generation blockchain it makes use of, it can permit the adaption of various other codes based from Nebulas. This means that cryptos can adapt to its platform quickly sufficient.

It can additionally act as a blockchain search engine. This can let users search particular blockchains based on efficiency and also neighborhood stamina.

Lastly, its goal to offer reasonable incentives to Decentralized Application (dApp) developers is something that collaborators can expect. This means that more designers are anticipated to find, therefore strengthening NAS also further.

Nebulas (NAS) is an encouraging crypto specifically with its versatility, scalability and also search-ability potentials. It can help with the fluidness of crypto into this new generation system.


SkyCoin is a complete environment system of blockchain innovation, as well as has the objective of supporting the actual usage of cryptocurrency.

Modern technology behind Sky
Sky has its own formula, the Obelisk, which makes use of the internet of count on characteristics to spread influence all throughout the network to find up with a consensus decision. The consensus decision depends on each node, by valuing its impact score. The influence rating of each node is determined by the number of network nodes linked to it. This shows the importance of the node to the network.

Other than the Obelisk, Sky also operates its very own cryptocurrency which is SkyCoin, its own ICO system Fiber, a decentralized social media sites system called BBS, and also a decentralized carrier called Sky-Messenger.

Summary of potential
Sky concentrates its potential on being a complete ecosystem of blockchain modern technology that encourages real use of crypto. Through its distinct formula which is the Obelisk as well as a few other dApps connected with it, Sky is an appealing crypto technology as well as could be taken into consideration as one of the most total one since today.

Sky, SkyCoin as well as the Obelisk is most definitely a massive platform that could be considered as a full ecosystem of crypto and its related technology. Nonetheless, the SkyCoin depends its value on node impact ratings, which could change every so often too. This makes Kinesis and Stablecoins still a far better selection, specifically for capitalists who want clear financial investments without hassle.